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bronco 2 build
ok i'm ready and refuse to be left off the Trail. double down time wife said we are doing Meet & Great this summer !!:oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops: so the plan is to get 2 rigs ready his and hers. mine will be a Ranger extended cab with all my explorer parts put in. just short rear lift and rear drive shaft and lockers. i'm working on getting these figured out.oh and hopefully some 35'' mt's or 33's are second choice. 2nd is wifes Bronco 2 this will be buildt with my other Explorer i have same idea swap all parts into b2. just need to build extended radius arms and streech wheel base 4''. i will be posting pictures as i dig everything out of the snow. 1 st explorer to gut out.[Image: 1896971_1486057411607146_906663092274443...e=5509D9B6]
headed out saturday to pick out Bronco 2 for wifes off road build.
looking for 1988- mid 90's chevy 64'' rear leaf springs
picked wifes bronco 2 [Image: 10847965_1572254882987398_92072196665928...a004f59620]
my ranger [Image: 644384_1572254872987399_3374425001226216...dc77c00574]
wifes bronco 2 headed into the garage tonight!
well bronco 2 has 3 out of 4 tires on it for test fit and height check looks good.will post pic tomorrow after i get suspension swapped!
So is your ranger parts now going to her bronco since you got this new truck?
nope these are her parts from my grey explorer and tires i got off Holeski this winter. i've still got enough parts 2 build the green ranger with sas plus 1 more easily . just got to get tires figured out for others.
Heck was teasing wife about building a way better 4 door explorer as a comfortable family hauler.
well after spending the morning saturday moving some snow and spend a little time with wife and kids, 2hrs getting frozen tires off the ground i got to get the suspension parts off the front of the donor explorer and in the shop. plus i got a little visit from Brandon and his friend . (sorry i can't remember his name). the only thing i dislike about working on Fords is you always have to use half a tool box of tools to get a little job done. will post some new pictures later tonight.
well got some more done today. removed all the Bronco 2 suspension and repaired damaged lift bracket. got the beams lined up and mounted loose on the front drop i've got to remove 4 rivits and drill 6 holes to mount the new extended radius arm brackets.
Nice progress
Thanks. Mark it was nice to get in garage and get something done. I'll be loading picturesto site when i remember how to.
no progress this weekend due to new ranger "Daisy" being home. wife and kids are in the truck naming mood so her B2 got named "Beau".
well i should be back after the wife's Bronco 2 (Beau) next weekend . teaser shot of the old boy warm in the new shop[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1386&stc=1]

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here's a little request for some help again. my and my wife's 9th wedding anniversary is coming up and i want to get her Bronco2 out of the shop under it's own power on the 25th of August. i 'm going to need a hand swapping out the clutch and trans-transfer case , and the steering box and getting the brakes done. i'm looking at starting on this while she's at work this coming saturday the 13th after 3pm as a surprise for by our Anniversary she will be clear to drive a manual again.
Sorry, bad timing for me to help, I have family coming into town during that time frame
I might have time Sunday but no free time Saturday.
big up date Beau was in the way in the shop so I took a set of axles I got from Earl Olson under it. Dana 44hp with leaf springs 8 lug and a dana 60 rear axle. next time it's in the shop I'm going to rework the front spring hanger mount and pull motor and transmission for a 302 v8 and c6 upgrade.

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