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M416 build
LED lights installed
New wheel bearings
couple new grease zerks
cleaned pintle

Ready for DMV
You may want to go though private DMV locations rather than the actual DMV. It's a little more money, but less questions asked. I assume you're licensing it as a home built trailer rather than going through acquiring a SF-97 from the government to license it as an ex-military trailer.
Definitely easier to do DO express. It's what we did for the club trailer.
Thought this had to be done at DMV.
Do I need any paperwork or just the trailer?
They might have to look at the trailer , but that might be for home built trailers.
akcowboy76 Wrote:They might have to look at the trailer , but that might be for home built trailers.

I have a trailer that needs titled and registered.
It's all on the dmv website. I have a home built trailer I need to finish and get the title for.
It only has to be inspected if it is over a certain weight. We filled out the paperwork as the builder then transferred the title to AO for the club trailer. It was real easy to do.
Doc they have a form you fill out.
On DMV my trailer is so light that it doesnt need much....determination on home built vs other seems the only catch...but again it is too small for a title bond and so on. So just an issue of someone signing off on it.
I did 4 trailers at one time at DMV Express. They didn't have to look at the trailers.
Quick trailer inspection at DMV...and voila!

Plates and title.

Now for new inner tubes and I am road worthy.
Getting ready for spares.
Pulled the ol' 7.00-16s apart



Have old natural rubber tubes from when my dad was selling tires.


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Wheels were rusty...had to grind the inner portions down and etch primer.
Will go back together tomorrow and then I will have 3 spares.
Setting up to tie in the rear bumper to the frame.
1/4 inch steel.

Showed up to borrow the plasma cutter and sheet metal bender....but Ole demonstrated his skill and we were out the door in 20 minutes rather than an hour if I was doing the fab work.

Thanks Ole.



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One the my tires exploded the bead when remounting...smashed up my dad's hand....he is I am down to 2 spares...May need to rethink new wheels and go tubeless.
Those are dangerous wheels, but you can do it safely with just a little bit of attention to detail when assembling them and there are real easy ways of airing them up safely without a tire cage.
My dad has been doing tires longer than we have been alive! Split rims on buses and the works...
the actual tire failed through the bead and up the side wall.

he already had it seated on the bead and was simply reinflating it.

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