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need some advice
So I put some new leaf springs on my samurai, and now at full droop my Front drive shaft is to short. I'm wondering if spacers are a good idea or should I just start thinking about a new drive shaft?
Set it up the way you want...then put on a new shaft that works.
I had never used spacers before but we o5ut them on CA's rig and they seem like they will work fairly well. I am still a bigger fan of having a DS made with more travel not just making it longer.
How short is the drive line? Spacers can only makeup a little bit. I am running spacers front and rear for 5 years without problems.
If I remember right I thought there was already a spacer on the front driveshaft.
There is a 1/2 in spacer on the front of it and a 1/4 in on the back. Could I go 1 in front and back. That would solve the issue I think. I guess I'm worried about making the angle of the drive shaft to much. It is the stock drive shaft. So it's pretty short.
Do the spacers really seem to be adding to the problem?

if it droops more than normal now and there are already spacers in it (which makes the driveline angle steeper), when you add more spacers in conjunction with the droop you are looking at even steeper angles. However.... Limiting straps!

it seems that it would just be better to get one made and be done. It is hard to say without seeing the drivline angles

but I would trust Zukman(shane) if he says it will run alright as he has ran them on the road and trail.
Need a ramp or a fork lift to check your droop and go from there, shock length and check too. We can do both at the shop.
I measured it out the best I could. I also talked to some guys at trail tough. They made the set up I put on the Sami. They said that
Two one inch spacers would work just fine for what I put on. If zukman's been running spacers then I will trust you. You have more experience with the Sami's then me. Are limiting straps just so you don't bottom out your shocks?
Yes and or so you don't drop your axle too low to cause interferance, binding or separate your drive shaft.
Thanks guys for the advice. I just finished the install today. I would put a photo up but I can't upload any I guess.
Get to a meeting and become a member!!!!!!
I should be at the Feb meeting, unless work decides to interfere.
Hey zukman, I was wondering if one day here I could come by your shop to flex my Sami out to get measurements so I could build bump stops?
The meeting is at the shop on Saturday at 3:00. Might be able to do it that day. If Shane doesn't get back to you. You can also check with Ole (78calico)) or Don (88xj), they both work there also.
Depends on room in the shop for both.

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