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Bowling / Meeting
The Annual Jan meeting and Bowling is this Saturday at 6:00pm on Fort Wainwright. Bring your Family and your A Game! This is going to be a competition with a award at the end.

Please post up if you are going to show up so I can get enough lanes for everyone.
Me and the kids will be there. I have to see if Gina is working or not.
We will be there rocking the rented shoes and house ball.
we'll be there with the hole brewed. and brian i get my calender from you then if you still have it.
The wife and I will be there.
The wife and I are in.
I am coming with Amanda
I think the four of us are coming...will know tomorrow for sure.
Still have 3 calendars batch still not here yet...will be checking mail tomorrow and Saturday.
Just me and the girls. Well maybe just me. They are in trouble.
Probably just me. Maybe my son with me, but doubt we'll be bowling
Kris and I may be there!
Gonna miss this one. Got stuck working.
I'm working, but I'll let Anita know, she likes the bowling nights.
We will be there.
No calendars arrived today
Will check again tomorrow
Ok, it's $2.75 for shoe rentals and 18 a hour per lane. We will divide up the cost tomorrow night per bowler based on how many we put on each lane. NO OUTSIDE FOOD or DRINKS.. You can buy food and drinks from the snack bar or Bar. We will hold the meeting prior to bowling, please be on time..
Wow it's only $2 for shoes and $3 a game on base. I think. I might be high.
Game price is different then the hour rental of the whole lane.
I will get better prices for next year.
Should we hang up the banner?
I'm game for it.
No calendars in the mail today.
So I will have the last 3 tonight. Rest should be here in a week or so. Note to self...never ship UPS mail innovations.
I still have the banner from the Solstice run. Anita is not going, but would be home after 3 PM if somebody wants to pick it up.
I HATE, HATE, HATE UPS Mail Innovations. Every time that somebody uses it to ship up here, whatever I order is held in WA for at least 10 days before it continues up to here.
not gonna make this wifes van battery cable broke at the starter and there's not one in town. so now i have to dig this 92'' son of a gun out of van to get new one made at alaska battery on monday. or try and replace ends myself tomorrow.
hello im new im just trying to find out when is the upcoming meeting ?
It is gonna be 1 Feb in Fairbanks. I think 3pm but not real sure on the time. It is at wolverine shop oon Alta way off s. Cushman. Im sure of the officers will post up real soobln with more details.

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