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2014 Calendars
Huf gets one.
I will take two actually. One for home, the other for the office. :rockon:
Order in.
got 40% off AND free shipping...that works out good. Looks to be here no later than 12/7.
I'll take one.
I ordered one you can have that.
It lives on shutterfly so can be reordered too if needed.
Awesome! Thanks!
How much? And when do you need the money? Thanks Doc for doing this.
So calendars shipped today!

cost each is $14... So I figure easy math says $20 and the club makes $84.
if you want/need to pay between $14 & $20, that is up to you...

I would like to unload them at the December meeting and Xmas party.
So still no calendars and no update on their tracking number.
One week past the delivery date.
Working to get them here!
If it's like the shutter fly stuff that I order, they ship it UPS and then it gets transferred to USPS. In the process it get's lost in WA for 7-10 days. Always ticks me off when companies use that service for shipping.
I'll take 2 if there are some available still.
So as fate has it....

Shutterfly calls anything missing 10 days lost and are re-running our we will have a DOUBLE ORDER.

When it gets here I will modify pricing as follows.
First calendar $20
Second calendar $5

That way no one that preordered gets hosed.
All money from the second run will go to the club

Double sets spoken for:
I'll take a second as well if available. One for home and one for the office. Smile
I will bring calendars to the Run Saturday
Bring cash!
$20 for the first one.
Second calendars are on hold until the NEXT shipment was sent sometime next year if it goes the same way!
i'm not going to make the run today but i'll get with you in the next couple of days to get my calender.
I live in town. what time is best to grab them from you?
This week is weird.
monday I am off but having a date with my girls...May be able to meet sometime but don't know the movie schedule.
i could bring it to work with me Tuesday...8-12 or meet you after.

I will be hauling water this morning...probably be in town several times this morning. I will text you later.
Calendars look great. Please put me down for a second one, thanks.
How do folks want to get their calendars?
Calendars ARE awesome. Get them while you can!
I can probably pick mine up tuesday or later in the week.
Since it has been a lot of work to meet up, I have been selling folks second calendars when I catch them.

Right now I have 4 left, with the second shipment in transit (meaning another week based on past performance).

Mel is going to try and meet me after work.
My clinic day ends at noon tomorrow...If you can make it by then you can chill in the waiting room if I am behind for a few minutes...but make sure only 3 more make it...cause that is all I have left right now!!! Post up so I know who to expect.
I will see if my wife can stop by and pick ours up. Maybe 1 extra for the office.
Got mine today. Can't wait until next week so I can hang them up.
So the next shipment is in WA again, where it vanished for over 10 days last time.

Figure 10 more days or so, then I can get out the rest of the calendars.

I will still have a few (6 I think) for additional sale. $20 if you haven't purchased one already....$5 for seconds.
Would it be acceptable if we asked if any of the Loins or other offroad groups in town would like to purchase any calendars? Or is this exclusively for club members and family? Big Grin

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