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I am aware of the malware issue. I have been in contact with our web host and they have fixed some things. I put a request in to Google to review our site. That's the only way to get the warning gone. The reason some of you are getting the warning is because chrome, Mozilla, safari all communicate directly with google. Google is the one black listing our site. Hopefully within the next day or so the warning will go away. We need to update some plugins and patches to keep this from happening again. I've sent an email to our web guru and am waiting for a response. I ensure you that Arctic Offroad in no way deliberately installed malware or tried to pass malware on to any user. It was an attack from a third party. We will work hard to fully resolve the issue and ensure it doesn't happen again.
Looks like it is fixed. No more warnings for me. Wink
no warning here now

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