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UAF graduate land use project

Bryant Wright here- I am the UAF student that attended the FNSB Trails Advisory committee on Tuesday and spoke during Citizen Comments. It was very nice to meet you all and to gain some good insight on trail use, management, and access issues around Fairbanks. Thanks for your engagement in our community!

Thanks for talking a bit after the meeting about the Arctic Offroad. I would love to get in contact with you and the group about being involved in this research project and sharing your interests. Since wheeling is obviously important to you guys, it would be valuable to have a record of some of the reasons why, and how those reasons may or may not be related places you like to ride.

You suggested the forum on the Arctic Offroad website as a good means of contact for the group. Is that a place I can introduce our project to others? It would be good for me to touch base and gauge how members might feel most comfortable sharing information. I've heard great things about the group and it would be awesome to join in on some rides someday but I don't have a rig of my own.

To remind you, here's a brief description of our project goals and how it may involve your participation, as well as the involvement of those with whom you work and play. We have received support to facilitate more coordinated planning among land managers in and around the Fairbanks North Star Borough to better meet community needs. We hope to accomplish this through a more community-based approach to recreation management and research.

The key and foundation to this approach relies on lots of honest information that accurately represents the community (and all of the kinds of fun we have here!). This includes information about what kinds of benefits motivate our outings, how and where we choose to spend our play time, and what needs are met or left unfulfilled by the places we are (or aren't) able to access.

Please let me know if you'd be interested in participating in this exciting project, or point me in the direction of others. Thanks again, and feel free to email or call any time....
I invited Bryant to post up here.

I also extended the offer to come to the 9/21 meeting but he is running in the Equinox so may or may not.

This may be a good project for us gearheads to be involved in!
So Bryant hasnt posted back up...but he posted the survey on other forums and on the wall at stores around town.


Check out the til June 30
Pretty easy to do, they don't have our user group but you can fill it in. 40 simple questions
[TABLE="class: tborder, width: 100%, align: center"]
[TD="class: alt1, bgcolor: #F5F5FF"]Since Bryant forgot us, I am reposting:

Don't forget, the recreation survey closes after this Monday, June 30th!

Remember to fill out a survey and that you may describe multiple trips. Time is running out- tell your friends!
Go to: to take the survey.
Also, check out the great write-up by Tim Mowry in the News Miner:
Thanks for your participation!


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