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Daily Driver
I picked up a Toyota long bed and parts from Jeremiah about a month ago to make a daily driver / shop run around truck for me at work. I am going to make a flat bed out of scrap laying around. I put the 22RE out of the TURD into this truck and basically scrapped the rest saving any useful parts that I could get off it. It will have a set of 31" Dura-Tracs once I get the right wheel combo's figured out. The only thing that I am really missing as far as parts is a EFI fuel tank, re-work the wire harness to be a stand alone and shorten the rear drive shaft and scrap for the flat bed and headache rack. Should be fun! Pictures to come soon, for now it will be bumble bee yellow until I get a chance to repaint it sometime this winter or next spring.
Made some progress on this today. The cab was mounted on the frame about two months ago with the help of the club before the Repp road run. Since then I got the cab bolted down, steering, brakes and clutch hooked up. Today I made the new crossmember mounts and got the trans and transfercase securely mounted to the truck. I am still in need of a EFI fuel tank and I still need to figure out the ECM wiring and finish hooking up all the little thing like hoses and such.

The Start minus the rusted out bed that I cut off.


Off with the OLD!


Installed the 22RE from the TURD.


This is how it sits today with the Engine and Trans mounted in from the TURD and the 79 yellow cab that I bought from Jerimah. The cab was placed on there by help from the club members before a run. I still have a lot more work to do before its ready to run, but I need to get it going soon because this is what I plan on plowing my drive way with since I sold my XJ.

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looking good Don . i'm in tractor mode and saving for a turbo for my 1 ton darn thing blew oil seals.
Going to be working on this Froday night after work if anyone wants to come out and help or maybe do some work them selfs.

going to do
front axle re-seal
weld bumper on flat bed
paint flat bed
wire lights
install muffler
I will be there brother.

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So this has been on the back burner for a while, and will probably remain there for a while more. It moves under its own power, the flat bed mostly finished, I still need to Fab some plow mounts and modifier and install a rear TRD locker. Shane pulled his newer 22RE out of the Toyota that he got from Petey, I think I going to change mine over to that newer style, this will require me to swap over intake, exhaust, all wiring and sensors over. My existing motor runs, but there are a few problems with it, I have had several problems with the condition of the TURD's wiring harness being cut up and missing important items like the Diagonatics port, Injector relay harness, and the Mass airflow harness. By swaping over to the newer harness it will simplify my conversion.
i had almost forgotten about this one. it'll get the just have to pick the order of toys to build.

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