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I'm stuck in mud, i need help!!!
I've been stuck in the mud for 2 days in Fairbanks with my cherokee, a blazer came to pull me out and got stuck as well, his four wheel drive wasn't working (something at he should have told me
before hand). i don't have money to give anyone but i would be greatly in debt if I could get some help. a car can drive down the trail right up until you get to me but i'm at the bottom of a hill, the
only way to pull me out is up the hill. i have a winch at my house that we can use. I'm along the power lines in Ester if anyone knows where that is. I walked home to my cabin which is on the way to
Ester just outside of Fairbanks. the jeep is my only vehicle so i would need to be picked up from my place, like i said it is on the way to my jeep about 100 yards off the highway. if anyone could help
please let me know. my email is and my phone number is 808-647-0864. The start of the trail is right at the end of the old nenana hwy entrance. My name is Dustin and the date is August 27th on tuesday.
I would help but my rigs are down Sad
I'll send a message out to a few other people. I'm unfortunately not in a position to recover any vehicle. Please do keep us updated on the progress though.
My rigs loaded and ready to go but I have to work tonight. If your still stuck tomorrow morning I can come help ya out
I have Jury Duty tomorrow.
I will be free after that if no one has gone.
I can help you then Jason...I think Court is done around 1:30.
Thanks guys for answering back. I'm still stuck but I found a soldier on base who has a jeep and is willing to come and get me out tomorrow. It's well equipped so we shouldn't have a problem,
but if that doesn't work then I will let everyone know. Thanks again though i'm pretty pumped that you guys are all willing to help if need be. All I can say is I don't know why they made any jeep
(or 4x4 for that matter) without lockers.
If your still stuck today give me a call a 687-1419, I can drive my Zuk home and give you a hand. call before 3:00 so I can go get my rig.
I just saw this or I would have come out last night.
I am guessing he is out.
Sent a PM to post up if he is.

I didnt get selected for a just shot half the day sitting.
I am still not out. Waiting for the soldier to get off of work, if anyone is up to go now i am ready.
So he is NOT out.
I be ready in an hour or 2.
Will post up where meeting just in case
He just told me Chris (?? Junkrunner) is coming out and can beat me.
I am on hold.

Told them to post up when out.
looks like Chris with the suzuki and f350 is on his way in the next 30 minutes, i'll let you guys know when we get out of there.
I need to get my rigs back together.
Suzuki to the rescue. We made it out, I might have lost a fight with the blazer stuck next to me (my right mirror and rear bumper), but all is good. Suzuki man is THE man.
Dr Brian I went and got him out with my zuk, all is well

I guess that is why I couldnt figure out "Chris with a Zuk"
Good job!
Now come out and wheel with us!

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