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AJPTHNG's TJ Evolution
It's been some time since I've poked around the forum, thought I would check in and let everyone know that things are going well and the TJ is still evolving. Going to sit down one day and build this thread up from when I first picked up my TJ and how it made it to how it sits today. For those of you on FB you know how the build is going (SLOW!) but I'm not friends with everyone on FB so I thougth I would share here.

How it sits today, HP44/9" Full Width, 5.38's, 36" Iroks, 4.6L Stroker, 4:1 T/Case, High Line fronts, Custom Long Arms with rear triangulation with about 100" of wheelbase.

[Image: 970963_10151544091502083_1683341164_n.jpg]

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