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Mat-Su Trails fund raising
The Mat-Su Trails Council is raising funds to purchase materials for the Purinton Creek Trail swamp crossing and are looking to the user community and off-road clubs for donations. We have raised about 32k and need several thousand more. So...unds daunting I know. It can be done. Our last big fund raising effort netted 85k for the Plumley-Maud Trail. The Mat-Su Trails Council is an incorporated non-profit so your contributions are tax deductible.

This won't be something just thrown together with whatever we can find. It will be built to take abuse and last many years. Something the motorized community can be proud of. The crossing is 160' long and will be constructed using over 1000lf of 6x12s and over 2000lf 4x12s plus hundreds and hundreds of bolts. It is designed to support everything allowed under the State's GAUs.

We have received several hundred dollars from individuals from the OHV community via We are hoping others in the community will step up to the plate to support the project.

Donations can be mail to:
Mat-Su Trails Council Inc.
P.O. Box 2356
Palmer, Alaska

or made via paypal at:

Have you had a chance to ride the trail from Slipper Lake to Buffalo Mine Road? Last year we brushed most of the legal easement. We will be out again this fall with our excavator/mower working on the east end RST1420 sometimes calls the Eska East Trail.
There are a lot of Matsu area trail groups.

The Matsu Trails & Parks Foundation is another group with a beautiful program...I put up a link to it earlier.

I cant figure out how these groups all work together...Mel should return that question on an email before anyone donates.
I just got this from Martha Firmin. I never geard of the one you mentioned ubtil you posted it. The Matsu trails council has been doing a lot of work the past couple years.

As for how they all work together im not sure but will inquire.

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