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FNSB Land disposal nominations
The FNSB is taking suggestions on tracts of land to develop and sell.

I have not looked this over yet.
We talked about this some more at my TAC meeting tonight.

Each of us should browse the listings as this is the listing of AVAILABLE borough land. If we find a big area that we can propose be set aside for recreation....Mat-Su trails foundation taught us the phrase "OHV playground"...we can suggest that. Our suggestions could happen, especially if such an area would have low cost to the FNSB and would not have to be a one acre park...
Just in case you want to enter a recommendation:

the 8/9 deadline is nenearing impact areas for us:
1) ester
2) Peede road extension
3) Banner Creek
4) Gilmore Trail

I think nominations for at least 2, 3 &4 should be "hold for recreation.
Got my comments in.
Hope others did too!
I did too.
mine were submitted today as well.

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