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Denali Highway Clean up June 1
I dont know what I am doing the first weekend in June...but the Alpine lodge is sponsoring the first ever Denali clean up.

Their post:
First annual Denali Highway Clean Up Day will be June 1st! This is a one day event where you get to ride your wheelers around, drive your truck around up here and pick up trash while having a great time! Alpine Creek Lodge will be sponsoring the day by offering free beds for Friday and Saturday night. First call, first reserve basis. It will be a potluck, so bring your favorite dish! There wi...ll be more sponsors and we will post them as they come aboard. If you would like to sponsor, let us know! We'll have garbage collection here at the lodge, but we will have not secured someone to bring a dumpster to us for the weekend, so working on that. If we don't get one, we'll put it in a pile and I'll haul it to the dump. Great way to start your spring!
I saw this on 4x4 network, unfortunately I will be in the middle of school again so all my free time is going to be very limited.

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