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Looking for help
After wheeling today, I got the bug to work on the Jeep in preparation for more wheeling and nicer weather (if it ever comes).

I've been hesitant to ask but may need some help with a few things. Mostly because I'm cheap and would rather not pay someone to do something that I can do myself with a little help. That way I could save the money for other stuff. Also, because I don't have all the knowledge, may not have all the needed tools and could use a lil more space to work than my tiny garage.

Anyway, here's what I'm needing/wanting to do.

1. Found some oil on the inside sidewall of the front passenger tire so it looks like I need to replace the seals
2. Looks like its time for a brake job too
3. Had a couple small projects with the bumpers that need welding but I have no welding skills at all. Wanted to add some gussets to the front stinger and have some mounts for auxiliary lights in the rear bumper that need welded in place.
usually getting the axle at a good angle will reveal that axle leak
not sure on where the seals are on the jeep axles. I assume they are in the differential housing?

brake jobs are pretty easy. I have no shop, just an icy parking area.
I can do a little welding. gusseting and weldign up light brackets sounds easy enoughBig Grin

if you do the brakes you might as well pull the diff out and do the the axle seals if they are inside the housing if you have a larger garage and or shop. how bad is the leak? a brake job can be done in a driveway Smile
I got my welder up and running. Bring what you need welded by.
Yeah, the seals are in the diff housing, so the axles need pulled and all the contents of the diff housing need taken out.

Brakes should be easy.

Welding shouldn't be bad either. Just need to grab a couple short pieces of DOM and find someone that has a welder and can weld. I'll see what I can find. Anyone have some leads on a couple of pieces of DOM? Probably about 18"-24" each.

I have basic tools so should be able to do most stuff with what I have, maybe borrow a puller should be about it. I have a 1 car garage but it would be pretty tight for pulling axles if it is even possible.
Do the seals and brakes all at once, since its apart. Depending on my schedule and your build timeline I can help out. Talk to Ole to see if he has any scrap steel around. If not C&R has some, I got a welder but so so on the skills.
I say set up a build night. I have a welder and a bunch of scrap metal that I have picked up over the years just for this.

I agree with doing the brakes and seals at the same time.
A build night would be awesome or a Saturday wrenching session. Just need time to get the parts together and a place to have it.
if you are pulling the axle shafts out dont do it in a small garage where the shafts cant come out because of the distance to the wall.... yes I have done this. :p

But just axle seals, it shouldnt be bad.

I will be pretty busy Saturday night, Family is flying into town and tons of things going on next weekend.
I'd offer up my place, but the list of projects is very long.......
also, look into tube seals. When you have the axle shafts out of the housing you can slide tube seals in. I have some in the axle on my blazer but I am not sure how they to because I havent driven it yet.
I was considering doing tube seals at the same time since the axles would be out but I've heard mixed things about them. The good is that they help to keep dirt and mud out of the tubes and protect the axle shafts from rust and corrosion. The bad is that if you do blow an axle seal, you can lose your diff fluid into the tube and never realize it.

It will be more of an undertaking but I was considering sleeving the axles also while everything was a part. That will require drilling into the tubes and doing some more welding though.
Thinking about adding some sleeves and C gussets at the same time I do the axle seals and brakes, if somebody is willing to do the welding for me. Found these sleeves that have the tube seals built into them.

Gonna call tomorrow to check on shipping prices to get them up here. Evo is in CA and Northridge in WA sells them too.
I have a stick welder, but still learning how to use it.
Anyone available this Saturday or Sunday to help me replace axle seals. I need some knowledge and a place with enough space to pull the axles. My garage is a single and kind of tight for pulling the axles. Need to get this done soon so that I don't have to worry continuing to lose fluid or water getting in the diff and such.

Friday evening/night would work too.
i may be available to help.. depending on when this happens. I do have lots to catch up on with rewiring up the blazer this weekend!
I can hook you up. I have a bunch of my own stuff to do this weekend but, I can hook you up with shop space, tools, and some guidance if needed.
I wouldnt mind stopping by to lend a hand if we can get on this early enough. I can help with tear down before I head out to north pole.
Saturday sounds good then, what time works for you. I was going to try and hold off on the seals until the tubes came in but don't think that I should. Just to double check so that I have everything that I need, here is what I'm tracking. Am I missing anything?

Diff Fluid
RTV or lube locker to reseal the diff cover
Anytime after 8
OK, I'm thinking between 9 and 10. Depends on one of the kids. Can you PM me your number?
ill be available tomorrow morning. someone post up the official time. ill probably show up around 10 to be on the safe side, unless otherwise posted.
Around 10. I'm loading up now to head over.
Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone that stopped by the shop today and thanks for helping me out.

Here are all the people that stopped by.

and Don stopped by for a little bit

Had some fun and learned a lot. This was just some maintenance. Now I can start planning for some other projects.

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