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AK Outdoor Council Annual Meeting
@TVSA on Boat ST.

Thursday meet and greet potluck 6pm
Friday with DNR, State Parks Director, Citizen Advisory on Federal lands, etc

More info on:
I can not make it, got class that night.
Crap, no time that night.

I'll make one of these eventually.
I may make it. tight schedule this week.
Good Meet & Greet.
Knew a few folks there and visited.
Key contacts there for the meetings, but I cannot attend any of those.
$50 gets us a group membership...I may discuss this at the next meeting. We could vote a different delegate each year to spread the work up in advance if you want.

Next land use is to get out to the outdoor show in your COLOR AO SWAG!
Wish I could've went. Not sure I'll be making the outdoor show either.

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