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New to wheelin.
We are Mike and Jamie and we are just getting started with off road playing. I have wrenched and driven many on road vehicles over the years and wanted to do something different this time. We are both in the AK ARNG and both work full time for them as technicians. So, to get on with the story of what brought us here, I recently purchased a 1986 Ford Ranger 4wd extended cab that was a non runner for $475. I found that it only needed an EEC-IV module and it ran. Of course with this age of a vehicle comes way more than that on the list of things needing to be done. After looking underneath and finding that it had the factory original tie rod ends, I started getting after bringing it to a better state. So far I have replaced all steering ends, ball joints, u-joints, all brakes, all fluids, a fuel tank and exhaust. That is just the stuff that it absolutely needed. On to the mods so far, 6 inches of lift from Skyjacker which came with all new springs and shocks, steering stabilizer, cut out fender flares, DIY bed liner, wheels and tires and a roof rack with some lights. I still have plans for a front bumper, a rear bumper with swing out spare carrier and rock sliders.

Anyway on to some pictures from the beginning to how it sits now[Image: 858074_10152130464211549_1615365468_o.jpg]
[Image: 882434_10152130464496549_1587100682_o.jpg]
[Image: 886695_10152141614131549_117583631_o.jpg]
[Image: 892985_10152156128131549_1074704764_o.jpg]
[Image: 601394_10152158158636549_650788484_n.jpg]
[Image: 578960_10152173065611549_1174257115_n.jpg]
[Image: 562680_10152173470786549_1198444555_n.jpg]
[Image: 581721_10152173824491549_624742711_n.jpg]
[Image: 903313_10152206964541549_402293088_o.jpg]
sweet. looks good Smile
It's amazing what a little elbow grease will do. Looking good. Now lets get it on the trail.
Welcome to the site. Look around and read the new to site section for more info as well. Hope you two can make a meeting or trial ride sometime. There will be both coming up in may.
Nice start on a wheeling rig, I also like the 67 to 72 Chevy next to it:whistle:.
Looks good, as a general car nut you should fit right in, hope to see you on the trail.
Thanks for the warm welcome. We look forward to hitting some trails. There is still plenty to get to on this rig and I look forward to getting it further along. I have done all the work thus far myself. I am however not a metal fabricator or welder. I hope to find some people around that will be willing to help me learn to do the welding myself as I am big on doing the work on my various play toys.
Hey I was checking out your profile and it said you are down in Anchorage. Were you aware that we are up in the Fairbanks area? Have you checked out ? We might see you at meet & greet. Nice rig by the way.
Looking back at the pictures now, I see that it's definitely not Fairbanks because of the mountains. Big Grin
Well I must have glanced past that part, I did not get a reply from the other forum and thought it was covering all of Alaska. It's all good though, we like driving up that way sometimes. We are planning a 4th of July trek to Deadhorse in the rig. That will be the big test.

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