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Everyone should know that in order to go onto any of the land reserved for the military you have to have a recreation access permit. Used to be a pain having to go to the gates and get one and using the phone system to call in. Because everyone has done the right thing and called in before they head out. Well now it got way easier. They now have a website called isprotsman You can get your permit on the site. You can see open and closed areas. You can even check in using the interactive maps online. So keep this link handy. Got a smart phone? save the link in there as well.
Should be able to get one in person at the Outdoor show at the Carlson Center coming up in 2 weeks.

Lets wheel Army land.
I'm up for it. Let's do it.
Just remember you cannot leave established dirt roads in any vehicle over 1,500 pounds. iSportsman has the full regulation available. Every adult in the vehicle needs an access pass and must be signed in to the training area(s).

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