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New to Alaska and looking to trail ride
Hey guys, I'm Jake and I drive a red 1998 Jeep Cherokee. Nothing special on it just yet, 3 inch lift and some 33's but I've got a 6 inch long arm kit in the works. I was recently in the eielson hobby shop and akcowboy76 was there talking to me about the club for the second time. So now that your site is fixed and I've had my fill of playing in the mud of 9-mile, I thought I'd see what this club he kept going on about had to offer. I'm a younger jeeper, 23 years old, but I've been enjoying the offroad in many forms for a good 5 years. I was statione in Arizona where I fell in love with the Sonoran desert as well as the Salton Sea area of California. If you're a keen off-roader, you'll remember that name is synonymous with Tiera Del Sol. I only attended to watch one year when I had a sport race quad. Oh well. I've been in Alaska since July of 2012. That's about all there is to know about me. I'm looking forward to getting on some trails and seeing more of Alaska than muddy river banks. Thanks guys!
Welcome, I went a lot of places in my XJ on 33's, but I don't have the long arm kit. We have a meeting planned for 13 April, we are going to do the RTI ramp and BBQ. Come in out and meet the guys, lots of trails rides are being planned so you should be able to see more then a muddy trail on 9 mile.
We wheel quite a bit...not quite the desert and I'm a Moab nut myself.
if you meet club criteria for runs, I'm trying to get some snow wheeling going this Sunday....I think you can see upcoming rides....maybe not.
welcome, though.
I'd like to go on a snow run this weekend, I could really use some time outside. The family needs to get out of the house too. I don't have a spare though. Not even a wheel :/ I wish I had one so I could ride out with you guys.
I believe it's a tire or repair kit. If I get my power steering fixed I can loan you a 33" for this trip.
If its a repair kit, I can acquire one today, and I have tow points and recovery gear as well. If not, that's very kind of you to loan a spare. Has anyone else showed interest in going?
I am going.
I just checked out the rules in the by-law section. No spare is listed in required or recommended areas. So I guess I'm good to go.
The ride is going to happen, this was not really a planned ride so check out the other thread for Rosie Creek for the link up time and location, we are still trying to work it out so it good for as many schedules as possible. I plan on going I am just waiting on my power steering pump that puked the other day, I should get it tomorrow.

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