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Fabrication Queastion
I am making sliders for the FJ80. I am using 2x4 rectangle for the main slider, 1/4" plate for the frame mount and my plan was going to use 2x2 3/16 square to for support beams from the frame rails.

would there be any disadvantage in using 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" channel for the main support beams from the frame.

By using the channel I can keep the 2x4 slider as close to the body and not hang lower then the frame rail.
With what we do it would be fine. Be sure you do have a decent gap between them and the body otherwise when you do hit something substantial they don't bend and hit the body.
I would think a frame and body mount would be needed to keep the slider out of the doors when we head through the glacier fields....but then i dont really know. Just seems like a long way to support such a heavy rig
Mine are tied into the "frame" with 2X2 tubing and have taken some pretty hard hits as well as served as a highlift point. No body damage issues. I actually put mine closer to the body than I wanted to.
My ZJ had them up against the body. I hit lots of rocks with them in Arizona, and never had an issue. Didn't bent anything and didn't have issues with the body.

I'm going to build a set for my K-5 and after seeing a set that was built on my 74 K-5 that were made with gaps, I'm going to roll with it against the body like the ZJ and see how it goes.
enough surface area contacting the body should distribute impacts more evenly
with a gap they will flex a little. Wayne made some for his wife's yota. they took on a beating. .. even a T boning.
The set I am making I will be using a section of angle 1.5x1.5 to tie into the pinch weld and then supported off the frame.
2" BY 2" angle riveted to the body on the zuk, strong and light.

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