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Motosports Complex
Not sure who all has heard about this. Last year the racing lions purchased/were purchasing some land by NP speedway to build a motorsports complex. This was going to include mud races and more. Now Mayor Hopkins has sponsored a resolution to have a long term lease on land to complete the motorsports complex. This will be discussed at the next borough assembly meeting 10 January.
this could be good and bad if county gets a hold of it means more restrictions and regs to get through . loose its appeal to most Alaskans
All the more reason for us to remain proactive and comment on any landuse we have the chance.

The main corridor to the mayor and assembly for all FNSB trails is still the Trails Advisory Commission (me), but private actions such as the Lions don't come before least that I have been aware of. I'm checking on that now. I think having a designated area like this would draw folks who don't really want to wheel, but want to play in the mud...reduce stress on trails (since so many offroaders are nearly stock) and actually do less trail damage.

I think this has potential as it shows the Mayor is aware of multiuse issues...and in fact I still could see a larger recreation area on State and FNSB land that would not have to be private. Nothing is in the works, though I am going to start that discussion with Parks and Rec to see if something could be done that would allow for expected trail degradement (ruts!) without inducing conflict with non-motorized or non-wheeled users. Ahhh, nirvana.
One thing about this is it's meant for types of racing. Mud drags, pavement drags, oval track and more. It would be completey controlled by the lions. There is also the issue I the lions trying to build an off road park out cushman. That's in the state and DNR side not the borough.
At the borough meeting this will be up for discussion and should have public comments. I know last year when the lions were looking at buyin the other property the citizens werent all for it.
I would like a motor sport complex, sometime rules are not a bad thing(safer). I would love a Drag track, and one that races more then twice a year every couple of years no matter who runs it. A sanctioned offroad rally race would also be super cool and it's getting very popular in other areas.(even though its probably not even a thought right now.

The increase in offroad use can be two fold. More leverage to keep multi use trails open because of a larger user group, some will never venture out as far as we do. but then there is also that many more doing stupid stuff that gives us a bad name. I am going to make it a point to go to the Jan 10th meeting for first hand knowledge. Since I am back I can try and get more involved in the offroad community affairs and local legislation that threatens it.
Assembly meeting agenda
It doesn't specifically say anything about mud racing or oval racing, I only saw where it said all year racing and it talked a lot about the drag racing that they used to do.
Where is the borough chambers at?
I got that info from when they were buying the other land around the area. I just seen this pop up for them to lease some other land from the borough. They are talking about doing it by the speedway where there is already a mud drag and paved oval track.
Just seen your other question.

It's behind the news miner. Turn off Illinois street between the big I and he news miner. Follow road back.
Found some more info but not sure on the reliability of the source so take this all with a grain of salt.

The Lions have secured land around the NP Speedway. I guess there is a plot of land in the middle of all that belonging to the borough though. They had started a petition earlier in 2012 maybe late 2011 to lease the borough land. This seems to be the reason it has come up now to go in front of the borough assembly. They had posted a pic of the proposed track. It seems though they want a drag track, something for snow machine racing, and not really sure what else. The area of land is 140 acres. I'd hope with that much land they do way more than a drag stip and some snow machine racing. The pic makes it seem that way.

[Image: 563078_373833395983083_1338320795_n.jpg]
If you would like to know the real details I'd say go to the borough meeting, or contact the racing lions directly.
I just hope the loins don't screw it up like they did before.
loins :lol:
Is anybody else looking at going to this?
I'm going to try but wont know for sure until last minute.
On my way, lets see if I can find it.
I'm not making it.
You didn't miss anything. They pushed it off. Since I was new to the hole thing I didn't catch what day they were going to do it.
I can find out pretty easy.
It'll be posted on the agenda on the fnsb website. That's how I found out about it before. I check it weekly, along with the state and fed websites, to see what's going on that might be of interest.
I didn't see this listed on the agenda for this Thursday. But there is one on there concerning our 2nd Amendment rights. I wont start a debate on that here. Jus thought you should know.

Here is the link to the Assembly meetings agendas.
Just went through the meeting minutes from the last meeting. The resolution was passed to lease the land to the Raicing Lions.

Here is the passed resolution
I think the complex is good for motor sports

I don't see improved awareness for wheeling, though, due to a lack of response from that club RE Repp road RS 2477 relocation.

Lord help me if I'm ever restricted to a tiny motorsports complex.
In all honesty the motorsports complex doesn't involve our sport at all. Thge mud drags, only thing close to us, will remain where they are. The fact though that other offroad clubs in the area aren't getting involved with potential trail closures and trail movements is not a good thing.

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