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Motosports Complex
its a new venue.
i say let them do it. I know I like trail riding and will keep fighting the good fight with A/O Smile
For those interested in this, read the following. I don't know why they chose a time during hunting season. Hopefully a couple of you can go and learn a little more.

Quote:Dear Neighbors:

The District 49B Lions Foundation and Fairbanks Racing Lions have a long history of serving the Interior. Since 1986, the Racing Lions have promoted motorsports safety and provided a fun and educational environment for racing. Our commitment to the community extends far beyond the racetrack. Since ...our founding, we have returned approximately $500,000 to the community through donations to families in need of assistance with medical expenses, support of youth sports and donations to other non-profits.

Despite our diverse contributions to Fairbanks, we have not lost sight of our original goal: to make racing a safe and fun past time for our community and keep racing off public streets.

Prior to the attacks on 9/11, Fairbanks Racing Lions had hosted numerous racing events on Fort Wainwright. The changing security restrictions have limited that access frequency. We have been diversifying our race participation in the last decade; we have sponsored and participated in numerous racing events around the Interior, including drag racing in North Pole and snowmachine racing in Fairbanks.

We have determined that we will best be able to achieve our goals of service to Fairbanks by giving racing a permanent home in the form of a motorsports complex. The complex will include courses for year round racing; drag racing, road races, mud and snowmachine drags and snowcross. The community will enjoy a safe environment to participate in racing sports, even through the winter months.

We are proposing on-site facilities to include a community center. We propose providing programs in driver’s education, safety education and emergency vehicle training. These services will complement the Racing Lions’ ongoing commitment to youth programs such as junior dragsters and high school automotives. Thanks to the Racing Lions our community’s youth will gain valuable skills in automotive technology, welding, fabrication and machining. The proposed facility will provide our youth with vocational training and give them essential skills for Alaska’s workforce.

The proposed facility will be a major asset to Interior Alaska. Its benefits will reach far beyond the Lions Club membership, as the planned facilities will not only provide safe racing venues but also needed educational services and activities for the local community.

The project is already well underway, thanks to extensive planning on the part of many dedicated Lions volunteers and ongoing support of the District 49B Lions Foundation. We have purchased several parcels of land in North Pole. In January 2013, Fairbanks North Star Borough and Mayor Luke Hopkins granted a lease for a final adjoining parcel of land. The Army Corp of Engineers has issued permits to allow us to begin preparing the land for construction.

We have a ten-year timeline for the construction of the motorsports complex. Multiple groups and organizations, including Lions Clubs and the Laborers Union are on board to provide construction and support but we can’t do it without the full cooperation and help of our local neighbors and the surrounding community. We are asking for your support for this project. Your comments and/or concerns are valuable to us. You are invited to attend a Citizen Participation meeting to be held:

Thursday - September 5, 2013 - 6:00pm – 9:00pm
North Star Volunteer Fire Department - Station 1
2358 Bradway Road
North Pole, AK

We look forward to meeting you and hope to see you there.


Jamie Bodenstadt
President - Fairbanks Racing Lions
I can't, I thats like the second day of class for me.
I think this could be good for the community.

I am not interested in going though. The original thought was for an Offroad park...that is not what this is.

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