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CUCV poop tank
got the CUCV today.
going to run it as is for now. unsure of the build plans. for now it is a wheeler.
1028 CUCV.
so that means a posi in front and detroit in rear.
4.56 gears. 1 tons.
6.2 diesel/TH400trans/208 t-case
The detroit will get pulled and go into my dodge. the dodge's rearend is welded and will go into the CUCV.

The CUCV will be used as a wheeler like I planned. I may decide to fix up my 85 chevy short bed with this truck, or I may decide to use this as a buggy base in the future. This should be fun. I plan on beating on it. :rockon:
[Image: IMAG0229.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0227.jpg]
I bought it from Gus, (yellowk20) who wheels with 2broke2play down in the wassilla area.
it has a cross over steering setup and reinforced at the steering box.
the tie rod is a 3/8" walled ballistic fab arm.

The trans shifts firm. does seem to shift at higher RPM. it does not slip though but works good.
T-case is fine and both drivelines are in good shape, the front is extended as the front is forward 1" with the zero rate.
Kingpins are good in the front axle was told they were shimmed them to get rid of death wobble.
The front spring shackle frame hanger with DIY4X kit and it has 6" shackles. I was told the truck flexes well for a 1-ton.

we will see Smile
Is it 12v or 24v?
was converted to 12V Smile

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