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Responsible Stalking
Now we aren't talking about stalking the girl/guy that lives down the street and hangin outside thier house all night. We are talking about finding other people who might be interested in our club.

First off be sure you always have stalker cards. If you need some then contact an officer for details on how to get some. Be friendly when talking to the person. Discussing tread lightly principles, our family oriented nature, our trail rides, meetings, events and our willingness to help people out with their rigs gives the person an idea of what we are about and who we are. This also gives them an idea of whether they would be a good fit with AO and gives you an idea if they are a good fit for AO. Always be respectful to the person and never talk down to them whether they are a newbie to the offroad world or very experienced.

If you are unable to talk to the person but spot their vehicle leave a stalker card. I recommend putting your name and username on the card as well. Then you can start a thread in this forum that they would be able to reply to. Do not put it in a place or manner that would cause harm to their vehicle.

AO members do not stalk or try to recruit members of other local offroad clubs, it's a respect thing, no matter what other do. If they approach you or ask you about our club then by all means tell them about AO.

Now go out there and partake in some responsible stalking.

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