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Project K9
Here are the details.
1986 K5 blazer
305 CID
700R4 auto
208 transfer case
4" lift
36" Super swamper

Planned update so far...

HD axles
Repair steering gear box mount
Electric window delete
CB install
If anyone is not doing anything Thursday I will be trying to to get K9 up and running again and moved up to the garage. Contact me for directions.
Update. Back in the garage (in flat tires, because that's the only way it will fit). Installed the battery plate and swapped the carb with a spare I had. I will try to work on it more in the upcoming weeks to get it ready for the march trip.

Anyone have the capability to weld a rear diff for me? I don't think the 80 amp welder will do it.

I would like to build a roof rack for it but I don't think I will have the metal for it by the trip.

I think I will have to run the long tube headers, for the time being. I will have too much fab work to do to get it back to stock.

More to come as I progress.
i have a lincoln 180 that can use 220 or 110 volt
how soon are you looking at welding it up? also, what gear ratio is your axle?
I would like to get it welded soon. I think it is 3.73/1
Just remembered that I use flux core wire, which may not be so great to have inside your diff. Plus it may be very difficult to get in there and clean it all out after welding
I do not have a bottle setup yet. Sad
My welder might be a little light and only have .30 wire left. What does the craft shop have?
Pull the diff then clean up isn't a big deal. I did mine before with the diff in the rig due to being in a big hurry as I was late for a trail ride, and I paid for it. I can do it for you with mine.
I can do it for you if you want. I'll be in NP tonight so I can swing by and grab it. Let me know.
I have a manual window K-5 tailgate with a bad regulator and no glass. I might have glass for it somewhere, let me know if you are interested.
78calico Wrote:I can do it for you if you want. I'll be in NP tonight so I can swing by and grab it. Let me know.

I still have it in the truck. I have another option, CA told me about a spool at Youngs gear. We will see what happens in the next few weeks.
Update. In preparation for M&G I asked Ole to weld the rear and did and service on the fluids.

Since M&G she need a motor swap. This will be done later and I hope to have it ready for the next trail ride.
So I have the Parts rig setup in the drive way ready to tear down. I am planning on a tear down party Saturday and Sunday May 21-22. the plan is the strip the burban and set everything in my garage. If I can get everything out I would like to pull the motor out of the 86 and strip the interior so I can swap the wiring between the two rigs. if anyone has some time please let me know
Should be able to assist that Saturday
FYI there will be some Welding and fabricating during the build of the 86 if anyone want to get burn time.
remind me when we get closer. i'll find some free time to help
Bump Please let me know if you can make it so I can get enough hotdogs and ham burgers to feed everyone. Thanks

Location 2643 Shady LN North Pole
I'm going to try but have a lot going on that I haven't got done.
Wont be able to make it due to unforeseen home maintenance issues.
Retaining wall foundation and Greenhouse construction have my time completely consumed for what seems like forever.
Today is the day.

[Image: 4ffca95ecbdae3135a89445a44ed1006.jpg][Image: ea5763983925a07b157fddf9cea42109.jpg]

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Progress. Mel and John stopped by for a few and help with what they could, tomorrow is wiring and fuel system removal. If you have some time I could use the help

[Image: decac129c224f67690115cf73670e464.jpg]

[Image: 2f3a55c3fe9f650adde986d4eb05cdea.jpg]
[Image: 24c265d4702841283bb82e108634d6d4.jpg]
[Image: 88aa82c18874fb393838462181de1fb5.jpg]

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you and Gianna kicked the daylights out of that old subburban!!!!
It fought back a little.

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Update; Thank you everyone that showed up for the build.

Showed up to help move the Blazer from its winter spot to the garage, with some creative winching we pulled it out and tried to spin it around the we found a disconnected positive cable and was able to fire K9 up and drive it into the garage. We made quick work of pulling the front clip and disconnecting the engine, transmission and T-case. we pushed the Blazer out and connected the engine hoist and removed the motor and swapped in the new power plant. A quick run to the parts store new motor mounts were installed just in time for the meeting to start followed but firing up the grill and getting our feed on. after everyone left to do what they needed to do on the weekends off. a few stayed after to help push the Blazer back into the garage and cleanup the driveway. We completed about 7 hours of the 24 build and I have not had the energy or time to get back on the project but I hope to get some more done in the next few weeks between getting the house ready for the retirement in May. Maybe enough to get it pushed back out and parked until June so I can take advantage of the warm weather and after everything settles down to get back on it and clean up the yard.

Thanks again to everyone that helped out, and I might be asking for a few hand in the future to gain more progress on this project.

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