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Repp RD & Elbasan Acres
Wish some of us could have attended this meeting. Not saying we would have changed the platting boards mind but could have made sure our side was heard. They aproved the plan and gave the borough the go ahead. However, there is an appeal to it.

Here is the link to the entire appeal
I forgot that there was a meeting last night concerning this with the planning commission. The appeal was denied. So as far as the planning commission is concerned it can be done.
It went past midnight and still only took 25 minutes to make a decision, I think they already had there mind made up. I just don't see how we are laying off teachers but building another school. Doesn't make sence to me, I feal sorry for those that buy a house expecting a school to be built only to find out it was cut out of a budget.
There's already talk of implementing a woodstove ban in the area and the school isn't even built. Pearl Creek set a precedent so now they're trying it around all the schools. It's going to fly like a lead balloon in that area. Everyone nearby heats with wood.
I didn't make the meeting but wouldn't have made a difference. Our comments at the Trails Advisory meeting were the same and we were ignored too.

i wonder if Stutzman Engineering is insured enough to pay for all the non-functioning septic systems....
An update on this
Update in news miner plans withdrawn. people don't what more housing there.
Just saw that.
Good news.

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