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How to post a picture
I'll do my best to explain this process.

First you need to upload your picture to a photo sharing site like photbucket, picasa, flickr, etc. or if you are an Arctic Offroad member, not registered user, you can upload them on the site in the appropriate gallery.

Next you need the link for that photo. I'm going to use Photobucket as an example as it is the one I use the most. In photobucket click the link and it automatically copies it to your clipboard so you can paste it later. Other photo sharing sites may work differently.

[Image: photobucket_pic.png]

If on our site once you click on the picture scroll down. ON the right side you will see the "Direct Link code". Click once to highlight it all. Then copy by right click, copy or use CTRL+C.
[Image: from_ao.png]

Now hope I haven't lost you yet. Go to the thread you want to post the pic in. There is an Icon That looks like a picture beside the film strip. When you hove the mouse over it it will say Insert Image. Click on that.
[Image: pic_button.png]

Once you click on it a new window will open. Click on the from URL tab. Paste the link in the space either by right click then paste or CTRL+V. UNCHECK the box "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" then click OK.
[Image: insert_image.png]

Your picture will show up in the post. If you wish to write something after that then click on the pick and press the END key on your keyboard and then hit enter. It will put the cursor on a new line.

There you have it. I hope this helps out. If you have questions regarding this please feel free to ask here.

DISCLAIMER: Arctic Offroad in no way endorses the use of any specific photo sharing website. I, Mel, used photobucket as an example as that is the one I use the most. There are numerous sites out there. Feel free to research them and use the one you find to be the best

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