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FNSB Trails Advisory Commission
I just discovered from a voice mail Saturday that I was finally approved for the Trails Advisory Commission.

Funny...we were using the trails I am trying to preserve.
now we have an insider Big Grin
So I learned some more about the bureaucratic process of the Trails Advisory Commission, and the complexity of the FNSB recognized trail system...and how outdated the whole plan is.

Interesting, but the next meeting in December will have the Albin Estates (Repp and Brock) project the FNSB is going to develop. As I understand it now, the trail will be preserved, but the origin (on the map at the corner of Repp and Brock roads) may be moved to the trail we use through the wood cutting area. That is good initial news, but more to come. Just figured everyone would appreciate the update on Repp.
This is the plan I brought up before. One problem is the definition of that trail. As I seen it it is considered a winter trail. Also there are other trails out there not just the one they are looking at. All this gone for a school and many more houses people can't afford. Wonderful.
i would like to sign it. when and where can we sign it?
Dr Brian Wrote:I'm going to print it and would like as many signatures on it TOMORROW as possible. I am at work (TVC 1st floor) from 0730 to 1800 or so. If you can stop in, cool, otherwise maybe we can get a collection in town about 6. The more the marrier! Post up if you want to sign after work.

Best for me is at work. I can have my nurse alert to anyone stopping in.
If you come to TVC ask reception for my nurse Stephanie and tell them you are with AO.
Signed it.
Well not going to make it at lunch. I'll try my best to come by after work before you leave.
I am stuck in the office all day. Ill have to stop by after work.
Today just wasn't my day. Sorry I couldn't make it to sign.
Getting ready to leave work.
Texted a bunch of you.

Sign at my office before 10 am tomorrow.
Only picked up 2 additional signatures today.
Holding over until 10am tomorrow (sent out a mass text).

found out Petey is off tomorrow, so now sure if he can run around to a couple core places like Ft WW to get a higher number of names...Post up Petey if you are cool with that.

This letter must be in the DNR office no later than 1700 tomorrow...and me being a control freek have a hard time giving up control.
I can sign it tomorrow. Just need to know where to go to sign it.
come to the Tanana Valley Clinic 1st floor (1001 Noble across from the Westmark) ask reception for my nurse Stephanie and tell them you are with AO.
I just saw this. I can run it around town to people. I can show up at your office before 10 am for sure. I had a long 12 hour paper work day :puke: and was not able to make it.
anyone else want to sign it ?
Yesterday didn't work out for me and I started my college class last night. I have today off, I will be by your office prior to 10.
I asked to see Dr. Accola, the gal I was speaking to hands me a clipboard with a bunch of forms on it.
Thanks for all stopping. I plan to FAX about 1 pm so you can still stop in of you want....8 signatures!
Our first club statement has been logged with the DNR and the FNSB Parks and Rec departments

Thanks to all for you involvement in this new level of participation of AO in trails conservation.

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