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Brake issues
Not on a 4x4 but oh well.

My front left brake is sticking. But only when the tire is bolted on. Take the tire off and I can turn it. Put tire back on and can't. I had it apart tonight changing the cv shafts. It didn't do this before. I bled the breaks for GP but that didn't help. Can't figure this one out. But thinking it may be the caliper. The piston doesn't seem to stay out quite enough.

Any ideas? Got to have this thing back running to get to work.
i bet it is the caliper sticking somehow. they are pretty cheap, especially for a little car.
or ...did you put it back together correctly ? :thefinger:
Is the rim contacting the caliper?
Sounds like a stuck piston.
Yep. Finally heading to napa to get a new one.
Replaced the caliper finally and it works. Caliper is very stiif though. Gotta check the rear brakes still. I'm going to flush the entire brake system when I do that. Now to figure out what the other clunk in the front end is. Both in this and the XJ
If it hapens on pit holes and such, take a look at the sway bar connectors.

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