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Project MAC
[Image: 1133ddfd4931539cdf6fa42e44de439c.jpg]
Gave MAC a good spray down today, think I will put a coat of wax on sometime this week.
[Image: 2411707559914de712e6e846f4bc5c14.jpg]
WooHoo! I found my CB in a bucket in my shed!?!? I don't remember putting that there, but it survived the winter and still turns on. Guess I have to finish hooking it up and tune it to see if it's FMC or not.
[Image: 54dd199df2d4fc6f90ca3de39b38223e.jpg]
Did some shopping in my personal salvage yard today, pulled this out of a 91 ish k1500. I think this will slow the exhaust from getting inside.

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Update; after M&G 2015 I tore the steering out of the frame.
[Image: b9f88204c6c423f5391870b1bf10da06.jpg]

Thanks to Don for helping me get it in the garage so I could stare at it out of the weather.

I finally broke down and ordered the repair kit for the frame.
[Image: 1f2a1cfaf215c482b5d05e4b0a3fc601.jpg]
Should be here in 5-9 days, so at that point I will get cracking on the repairs and start filling my white board with stuff I need to fix or modify. Maybe I might tackle the half cab this winter. Who knows. More to come.

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you still have a top over here Smile
Update; pounded the frame back into shape, ish. Welded up the cracks and cleaned up the welds. Test fitted the patch panel and made some minor adjustments. Half way through the welding process I ran out of wire and had to pick up some more. [Image: 1b95c098ff9df0f186b8cb2255ed6b1f.jpg]
Me not thinking I picked up .030" flux core wire and tips. I was using .035" flux core wire, and you can see the difference guess I have some grinding and re welding to do.

I am getting closer to get this rig back on the trail! We hope.

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Update: I killed my 90 amp Harbor Freight Welder so I made the call and purchased a new Lincoln Electric 140 MIG welder from LOWES. Got everything setup and this thing worked beautiful. Finished welding in the patch and I cleaned and prepped the Lower piece for welding it into place tonight.
It is ALIVE!!!! I will need some help one of these nights to hang the bumper and wire the winch. If anyone is available to stop by please give a shout so we can set something up.

I found a Power steering cooler in a parts rig and bolted it up, I hope this will fix the power steering overheating issue I have the last few times I had it out.

I might look at doing the dual battery setup, and the half cab on a later date.

Lets go WHEELING!!!!!!!!!
Do you have a 2nd battery tray? I might have an extra....
I have one. Free 99!
I have one. Just need to install it and set up the charging circuit.

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