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Jeep WJ Winch mount Fabrication
2T2 and I got together over this long weekend and had a few beers . Got to looking and the next thing ya know, we're cutting into my bumper to mount a winch.

After removing the bumper and grille trim (one piece), we started by trimming away some in the way metal on the unibody.
[Image: 4eebe2d6.jpg][Image: 84cfa591.jpg]
Then we grinded the ruff edges and checked for proper fit...
[Image: 825854c4.jpg][Image: efb2fd61.jpg]
Here's two shots of the rails installed and painted. They are bolted in with two 1/2in grade 8 bolts on each sides about 8 inches apart.
[Image: 6282d7f0.jpg][Image: 43ca712a.jpg]
Then it was measuring and cutting the bumper trim for the rails. The best tool we found to do this with was my gerber...
[Image: 785ab067.jpg][Image: 4ee1571e.jpg]
Here's the rails and bumper trim installed. With a universal winch plate, the winch was mounted to the rails here with 2-grade 8 7/16in bolts and 1-1/2in grade 8 bolt on each side.
[Image: 3e82d799.jpg]
The whole time we were talking about doing some welding, but to this point, we didn't need to. Although, someones welding skills was put back to work after non use for the last six years when it came to putting the end caps on the rails here....
[Image: 8a9884d6.jpg][Image: 54152755.jpg]
[Image: d9fad233.jpg][Image: 32df7907.jpg]
The rail ends welded and painted. The winch completed.
[Image: 1760f64c.jpg][Image: 6e0b4f85.jpg]
Now there was just one more thing we needed to do. What was it? Oh yeah, time to load test.....
We found these guys out playing that had ran into a little bit of shall we say "Lack of movement".....
[Image: 244ce47b.jpg][Image: 4d463ec4.jpg]
From how muddy it was out there, I still needed the assistance of the X (Xfactor for those that don't know) to pull that Nissan Titan out of the whole. My winch pulls at a slower rate of speed compared to the X's, but we know it won't come off the bumper as before the X hooked on also, the WJ, anchored to a taco, hooked up to the Titan, the titan was stuck good enough that my winch would pull me and the taco towards the Titan.

Winch is a Champion 7500 lb.
yea my welds aren't that bad for not doing it in 6 years. I'm glad you like it and that it held up. I definatly did learn that you need a great ground to do a good weld. now if I can just get my rig back on the road.:eek:
2T2 Wrote:Now if I can just get my rig back on the road.:eek:

Well if you'd had a Jeep, someone in the club would have had a part for ya, I'm pretty sure. :thefinger: :laugh:

At least it broke at 25 instead of 55mph.
hahahahaha very funny. with all joking aside you are right im glad it happend that way too. Or I just might have tested that cage I just got put on. what the shLL
Yeah, there's better ways to test the cage, like traversing a hill. Going across and all of a sudden its holy shLL with a 10 pucker factor, we're goin over. There's no pucker factor with 55-0 in less than a second.:eek:

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