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Now that I finally have my good computer back up, I have alot of pictures to upload. I can't upload any. I used to get a message that they had to be approved. Now I only get an error page. Can someone fix this please. I feel I have alot to contribute to the site, but without being able to upload images, there's not much point.
I'll look into it. But unfortunately we don't have any website gurus right now. I'm still looking for someone who can work on the site. If its an error in the admin cp I can take care I that. But if it's server type stuff I can't do that.[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]Let me know where you were uploading the pics to. Your gallery, a rides gallery or where. I have a little bit of time I'm going to look into it.[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]I think I have your issue fixed. So try again sometime and let me know. You will get an error page aftger you process the files. This is a glitch I haven't figured out yet. You have to just go back into AO and the pictures will be there.
I tried to upload some pics tonight. I timed out before they ever uploaded.
I'll try again one at a time when I have a chance and see if that makes a difference.
I posted 15 at a time the other day. It took my slow internet about 30-45 mins to do all 15 photo's.
Yeah, I run about 25 minutes per 15, however anything of 8 MP camera has to be degraded some or I get errors. I reprocess a batch through PhotoShop.
It takes a while. If my Internet is running sub par I can't get more than 5 at once. It takes too long and times out. Honestly this isn't a site problem but crap AK Internet problem. While in the lower 48 I could upload 15 in a few minutes without issues.
Yeah I tried to upload eight at a time. I sat down and watched a movie. When I came back it was still attempting to upload but my log in had timed out.
i'll try to do a few in a little bit.

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