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Fairlead Question
So I installed a 12.5K winch on the K-5. Utilizing synthetic winchline, have the hawse fairlead to go with it.

How strong should the metal be for holding the fairlead on my winch mount? I may have to borrow someone's welder to get it set on my mount.

I have a few pieces, just wondering....
dont use the hawse with synthetic , use a roller fairlead it cant handle hard side pulls well .. i paid for this mistake ..

roller fairleads are not expensive .
Well, in all the research I've done, you're supposed to use a hawse with synthetic line, not a roller unless you have one specifically for synthetic.

From what I could tell most rollers would pinch a synthetic line if done at an angle.
you dont want to use a roller thats been used with cable the abrasions on it can cut the rope .. the rope on mine has last 10 plus years now with lots of hard pulls .
regardless I still need to mount a fairlead
i have some channel left from mounting mine on f250 yu can see how i did it if you like .. your welcome to the channel .[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]justn had a nice hawse that holeproof made for him for his brand new rope and winch . he slipped backwards and had to pull him back onto flat ground .. his nose was dang near strait up .. the angle of the rope to the hoawse cut it like a knife .. ive done a few pulls now in the exact same angle pulling up a broken suburban and i didnt hurt the rope on the roller ..

i have a pic somewhere ill show you .
I don't think my winch even came with rollers....[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]And I'd like to have this on by Friday....
i can help just say the word
..just finished minr this last week .
I'll give you a call in a bit.
fairleads are not cheap. i think i spent $150 ish on one. it was expensive enough i didnt want to remember the exact amount.
Couldn't find a roller, so there's a hawse fairlead on it now.
I have a roller fairleed. At my house. It's missing the side roller and is a little tweaked, if you need it for parts hit me up.

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