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Pics needed of TJ Stinger mounting/attachment
As the title says, I need pictures/ideas for mounting/welding my stinger to the front of my TJ. Not sure if I want to attach it to my winch mount or the front bumper. I ordered the DOM yesterday and it should get here within a few days and the build will start. Pickup the poor mans tube bender and tube notcher last week so the fabbing can start again.


1. add stinger to front of the TJ

2. Add runner bars along the bottom of the down tubes and across the back of the seats for future harness mount point.

Here are some thoughts I had.

Stinger mounted to front bumper with side bars to the wings of the bumper to add side to side and front to back strength.
[Image: main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_it...alNumber=2]

Stinger mounted to winch mount with gussets to winch mount for added support.
[Image: main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_it...alNumber=2]

Let me know, all ideas are welcome.

P.S. Rear axle swap is still coming. Need to stop going TDY so much to get the ball rolling.
Sorry for the poor photochop. Ha/Ha
Here is how we did Nate's. He needed it to bolt on and off for ease of shipping. I keep trying to get him to add on to it. It has saved him I believe twice now with no bending.[Image: TJ%20stinger%20side.jpg]
[Image: TJ%20stinger%20front.jpg]
What was the thickness and size of the tube you used? It is bolted to the winch mount correct? What angle did you use for the stinger?
1.75" .109 wall DOM. yes bolted to the winch mounting plate and the angle I just guessed. Nate would have to go look at it.
the angle was Ja Make It...

Eric and I just fooled around with it till it looked right.
I love Ja-Mak-it fabbing. Jon would be so proud. I will be using either 1.5"X.120" or 1.75"X.120" DOM as I got a stick of both of them.

I am thinking somewhere between 45 and 65 degrees.
Lawson, call me or PM me when you get this. I have some shirts of yours I need to send you.
Nate I will be in town on the 11th or 12th of June so I will get them then.
back on topic...

The stinger mounted to the winch plate is nice because I can unbolt it if I need to get it TMO shipped or when I put in on a car trailer with my 4 wheeler. I do recommend gusseting the winch plate from the front to the rear uprights to eliminate some of the springiness.
This stinger saved me twice thus far from a face first excellent bonus considering I was wanting it in the first place to protect my radiator and injection/intake in case of a side rollover.

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