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Camera Bag
This is the new project, not that I needed something else to do especially with the hole shoulder surgery thing, and the still waiting to be worked on VW and Gen1 Toy parked out front. But I got a decent deal on it, its roomier then the XJ, weighs only a little more then a K5 Blazer, Good aftermarket support, and it can fit the 4BT & 35's with very little work (motor mounts, cross member relocation and 4" lift). It has a cracked head so the top end has been pulled apart but other then that its in real good shape. I am looking to keep this very road worthy vehicle that will see light to medium trail use. I think its big enough to fit all of Linda's camera gear without crowding the boys and me.

[Image: toyota_fj80_thumb.jpg] [Image: sticker_thumb.jpg]
Better axles and t case than most 1/2 tons.
Right on, needs a meaner paint job and some beefy bumpers
I will build the bumpers you can paint it
So, I have a few updates on this rig. I didn't realize I was so far behind in updating this thread.

It had a blown head gasket with a warped head. Mel, Shane and I fixed that over the summer, my shoulder was hurting but they came through and helped me get it running. It now sits on 33 Duratrac's, and is going to replace the XJ. Linda had a design made up for a T-shirt, I think it will fit her, this truck has a lot more room then the jeep and rides a hole lot better. I am still trying to get over the sticker price shock on repair parts, FJ's are not cheap. All proceeds from selling / parting out the jeep will go towards this project.

I have only driven it very limited because of a clicking sound from the front axle, the birfs need to be rebuilt or replaced. I hope the grease was washed out by the gear oil and that they just need to be re-grease with new seals installed. (still learning the hole Toyota thing)


From the axle rebuild class that Kevin hosted, I walked away with ARB's front and rear. I was waiting on these to rebuild the front end so I can start driving it to ensure it is reliable enough to travel in the back 40. I bought ARB's front and rear and new bearings. I kept the old gears because of my plans to install the 4BT, 4:10 will be just right for the 4BT, its a little tall for the Landcruisers under powered 3FE.


In the near future I will be installing a 4" lift, I need this to clear the 4BT engine, plus it will give me the extra room to use the 35" swampers from my Toyota pick-up if I ever need / want to. I have also striped some parts from my XJ. I will be installing a GPS, CB, Ham Radio, Winch power, home made sliders, front and rear bumpers.

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maybe we could make a deal on your vw project some day if your not going to get back to it(heh,heh) i would love to see it on the road @ trails!
The VW is just on hold, it has turned more into a idea for mud racing then the initial plan as a trail rig. Even if I was to abandoned the hole VW thing I would use the running drivetrain on my second Willy's truck body for a offroad truck. The FJ is replacing the XJ, once I get the Toyota Puck Up running (hopefully NLT January) I will pull the VW in and try to finish it for this years mud racing. Really the only big thing that its missing is tires, And I have already been offered a loaner set for racing.
Travis still has the T-Case you are looking for.
The back axle is together, it just needs oil. I got all the parts to put together the front axle, replace the radiator and hoses. I need to mount the air compressor and run the lines, I found the location for the compressor and have made the mounting plate, I just need to make some vibration dampners and run the control wires. Today I started to installing my radio's, ARB switches and my GPS mount. I still need to run my secondary fuse block for accessories and a rear power block for the ARB compressor.
I think you will really enjoy wheeling and exploring the fj80 .. i put alot of miles on mine issued to me in bosnia and kosovo never a lick of problems ..

if i found one as clean as yours id be all over it maybe one with the v-8 lol glad to see it coming along bro !
After 5- tubes of moli grease, 2- tubes of bearing grease and a hole bunch of seals, paper towels and solvent, the LC is mostly back together. Pictures to come. Still need to fill the diffs with oil, replace te radiator hoses and clamps and run the air lines to the axles before I can drive it. Before I take it through anything hard I need to hook up the ARB pump and tank and make some sliders / skid plate for the cat. After that I need to make some receiver bumpers and install a lift kit and then make it into a part time 4wd instead of a Full time 4wd.
too bad you didnt have it done for the last trip. would have been perfect!
looks like it is getting cold again, take your time with it Smile almost there!
well now that yu have converted the hubs you are part time 4wd ! lol have you come up with a plan for the 4bt yet ?
I am only half way to part time 4WD. I either need to buy a kit for my transfercase it go to a FJ60 transfercase when I do the engine swap. As far as the 4BT goes, I am still looking for a transmission and I want my other Toyota working before I tear this one apart.
Finished mounting the ARB compressor, ran 40amp's to the back of the truck to power it all. Mounted my aux power block in the front to power all the rest of my stuff that I installed. Hooked up my CB, Ham Radio, and hard wired my GPS. The ARB seams to work fine, I want to install a on/off switch to the GPS, and I need to bolt down the air tank in the back. This week I hope to cut the CAT off so I can work on my sliders. My Bumper parts should be in this week, so hopefully I can start the bumpers soon. I have some pictures that I will post up once I get on my computer.
88XJ Wrote:I am only half way to part time 4WD. I either need to buy a kit for my transfercase it go to a FJ60 transfercase when I do the engine swap. As far as the 4BT goes, I am still looking for a transmission and I want my other Toyota working before I tear this one apart.

Sure you just dont want to give up that 4BT :-)
Rebuilding the axle
Its a very messy job.
Almost done, I installed the locking hub for the future part time transfer case plan / dream.
ARB Compressor ready for install
I placed it in the factory Jack Location, off to the right side is a 40amp power stud for the back of the vehicle.
all done and buttoned up.
Installing a AUX fuse block for my accessories, this one is going under the dash.
I got the ARB controls, CB, HAM radio, GPS, and stereo all hooked up and running.

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This is looking expedition-ready!
This is the Bus bar that will power my accessories and winches. One pole will be 350amps for the winch and the other will be 40amps for the smaller thing.
Installed in the engine compartment.
trying to make a beaver proof exhaust.this used to be the lowest part, but with this new piece it will be up above the frame rail.
Down sizing a little bit, this used to hang real low, now ever part of the exhaust will be above the bottom of the frame rail.

I started working on the sliders, I have the 1/4 cut and drilled for the frame rail mounts, I have the sliders cut to length, and know I need to work on the support beams from the frame to the sliders.

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Toyota has always used huge mufflers, did you go 2" al the way back?
looks great so far Don.
Made some progress on te exhaust. it's louder then I like, maybe I went to big for the little engine. I need to adjust a clearance issue and make one hanger before this weekends ride. It also puked power steering fluid so I need to fix that, hopefully they will have it in stock.
When you rebuilt your axles did you center your knuckles? I am about to put my front axle back together and I saved the shims and bagged them for top and bottom. Trying to find more info on mud but everyone has the nice 200-300 tool for the job.
The 80 axles are different then the other style. I did not have to do that step. PM Wayne and or Shane, they will be more familiar with shimming.
Made some progress with my Front Bumper Design.



almost finished



I have to pick up my receiver tube tomorrow and finish welding it together. It might take a little while before I am completely done, but at least it will be functional.

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