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Light duty overland rig aka "Roach Coach"
This build is based on a 1993 Toyota with a 22re, 5 speed. i picked up with 103,000 miles. I started out with a really cheap light barand big mickey mouse light on it.

1. light duty wheeling and camping rig.
2. Daily driver in the winter.
3. have fun!

I can thank Doc and Huff of the nick name.

So far mods have been limited to tune up and fluid changes, But the fun stuff is get ready to happen.
I have added a A.R.E. topper with rear doors and a roof rack so far.
I'm sending Audra for a pot leaf air freshener for you.
That's funny right there.

I'm still waiting on my superman popsicle.
Doc, the air freshener is great, I will hang it with pride in my truck.

Mel, i got your superman popsicle:thefinger:.

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