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Samurai Mike Retirement from the United States Air Force
I would like to invite everyone to come out next Wednesday and celebrate nearly 24 years in the Air Force with me.
The retirement ceremony will be held on Eielson Air Force Base Wednesday, 23 May 16, 2012 at 1400 (2pm) at Heritage Park.
While it is a formal event signifying a long career for me, the dress for this event is Alaskan casual. Please come out and experience this with me!
If you need an escort on base, please meet at the parking lot just outside the visitor Center no later than 1315 (1:15pm) and we will get you a pass (don’t forget car registration and proof of insurance for a vehicle pass).
See ya Wednesday!

Sami Mike
gina and I will be there.
see u there ill be the fat civilian ...
No I'll be the fat civillian. You can't take my job from me. Big Grin
you fat civlians crack me up... thats exactly why I need to go back up there and retire... the lower 48 just doesnt have that sense of humor.
im trying to get fat!
i have to work that evening Sad pooey
Can you post directions?
congradulations on time served if you'd comitted murder youd been out 14 years ago. any well done and thank you for your service for our country.
It's the park with the static plane displays. Go in main gate. Second left, just as the road turns to follow the flight line. You will then see it in your left.
l'll be there in a bit. Hope the rain holds off, I drove the bike....
I will not be able to make it. Sorry Mike. Best wishes in your future endeavors.

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