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Keep land use available.
There are going to be public hearings concerning the JPARC land. This threatens to close some trails and general land use.

Because much of this area is popular for hunting and recreation, I encourage your involvement and comment during the decision-making process. Comments may also be submitted by June 7, 2012, on the website or to ALCOM PA, 9480 Pease Avenue, Suite 120, JBER, AK 99506, (907)552-2341.

According to the JPARC website, “ Currently, the JPARC consists of all land, air, and sea training areas used by the Army, Navy, and Air Force in Alaska to support joint exercises and mission rehearsals.

Here is a link to their website with maps, info and dates of the meetings. I encourage everyone to attend a meeting if you can. If you can not please write a letter with your concerns.

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