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AOAA Booth at the Fairbanks Outdoor Show
[INDENT] The weekend of the Friday the 20th, (and Friday too), AOAA will be hosting a booth at the Outdoor Show and as I will not be here, I will be asking FAO for volunteers... If there aren't enough from this club, AOAA will not have the opportunity to be represented. I would hope to see some of you there and willing to help. God knows I would be there for the entirety if I wasn't going to be in Colorado.

What I need: the booth will need to be set up on Friday, Mel Grove (AOAA President), will be bringing up the rifle to raffle off as well as all the extras needed to run the table. I figure whomever is willing to help out can do so in shifts... Any questions let me know and I will try to answer or get the answers as best I can.

I can help on Sunday. Friday is already taken by the kids and Saturday I'll be on the trail.

Do you have a sign up sheet or time slots that we can sign up for? Something to give us an idea of what time frame needs covered and who we contact about when to be there and such.
I'll be there Sunday. Anyone else who wants to go and work the booth sat or Sunday contact me. Hopefully some people can help out sunday. I'll be there in the morning till late afternoon. It's 11-5 on Sunday. Don't remember the hours for Saturday.
Come on out and by a raffle ticket.
akram Wrote:Come on out and by a raffle ticket.
Mel gets points for selling tickets...but I didn't need a 50 cal anyway!
I need one!

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