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lots of offroad capable rigs out....stalking cards?
I was hanging out at schmucks the other day, and saw quite a few offroad capable rigs come in and leave, mostly military. I know there are a lot of soldiers coming home and a good number of them are out building up projects. I eves dropped on a quite a few counter part discussions and about 4 out of 5 military personnel that came in were working on projects, not just daily drivers. 2 of them that I talked to had offroad rigs.

stalking cards? A/O website invite cards?
I have asked for some in the past but my efforts have either gone ignored or forgotten about. I do talk to people about the club, but I feel that having an A/O club card would leave a more existent impression. I invite a lot of people to come check it out (A/O's website) or invite to the club meetings but I am having very little turnout. maybe I stink or something. :whistle:

I pointed to the sticker on my dodge.. that was the only existent thing I had to present A/O's existence. i feel the club would be a tad more existent/tangible if the invites could have a card in their pocket to take home and find it later when they are at their computer, doing laundry or something.

It does help as a reminder. This is how the offroad lions got me to finally check their site out.
What is A/O's position on new members coming in at the moment? I personally would like to see some cool new rigs come out.
And yes Ill be wheeling out much more this year.Cool
We talked about the new cards and funding for them in the last meeting. Its something that we usually have on hand and give out freely.
Our position on people coming into the club is they are welcome to come check us out. We just had one new to us guy at the last meeting. Stalker cards are being worked on now as Don said. Just be aware that AO does not recruit or try to get members from other clubs. It's not respectful. If thy ask about the club sure tell them. But we do not go after other clubs members.
yep i knew that Big Grin
the rigs I saw were full sized and new ishly lifted .. not from the "near dominate only jeep clubs" here in town Big Grin
We are only to recruit jeeps. Dodges just sit. Big Grin
if i wanted a "wheeler in a box" I would have bought a jeep! muahaha

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