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Holeproof Tacoma Cab Cage Build for T2T

It started with Justin gutting the cab. I bent up the rear main hoop and made the floor mounts. As of now at least the rear hoop will tie into the frame via the body mounts. There’s not much room to work in this thing. I am still designing the pillar bars. I don’t have much tube left so if I screw up I’m out of tube to finish it. [SIZE=2]
Oh Justin I guess I don’t have to mention that your cab isn’t straight! I did tighten down the [SIZE=2]
body mounts too.
[/SIZE]Here is a photo so far.

Late night update:

I bent the pass side pillar bar, good figment. The two sides need to be the same so I can match up the over head spreader bars. The problem here is the cab is tweaked pretty badly. You look at it and think "OK it rolled but it doesn’t look bad" but when you start measuring everything it’s off quite a bit. So the cage buy default will look off when in reality it is straight. So other then that it’s going good. I also bent up the driver and passenger grab handles.
Looks good Eric.
Cool. Your first interior cage, and it's a chalenge. :allrighty:
cool man looks good, sorry for the chalenge. I had the same problem when I put the body lift on it. I had to pry and make things work. It was a pain in the ars. I thought about buying a new cab to make things easier but what the hell, that would make it look prety and who wants that. :lol:

o yea buy the way its 2T2 not T2T :lol:
Whats the odds that Sevenslats and 2T2 could misspell the same word in the same thread one right after the other. "Challenge"
I have both the front and the rear ¼" plate mounts drilled and bolted in. The two pillar bars are done and notched and I’m getting ready to design the over head spreader bar.
Here is a photo of the players so far.

And here they are sitting in place before notching.
wow. that's some crazy bending. :bowdown:

Oh, and bryant, :thefinger:
Cool, the over head spreader bar is done and it’s time to start welding. I am working on 800 things at once here and I’m about to go nuts. I have to pull this XJ that I’m parting out of the garage so I can put the Taco up to weld. I will add one center bar front to back after I get things tacked in place. The cab is small and it’s going to be a tight fit. With the new seats Justin has my head is right next to the top of the pillar bar. We will need to get some roll bar padding there.
rock on, it looks good. were can I find the padding. I'll pick it up tomarrow when I go into town. how thick should I get, and how much?
Not sure yet. We could use foam pipe insulation or even the wet noodles that kids play with in the pool. Has to have an inside diameter of around 1.75".
I tacked the rear hoop to the ¼" plate mounts and then pulled it out so I could weld it up. I then cut two gussets for the outside of the tube to mounts and welded those up. I have it hanging with a quick coat of flat black. I left the spots that I need to weld the pillar bars to unpainted. It would be pretty hard to paint it after it was all together. You know once I weld this all up it’s never coming out unless you cut it out.
I'll check Centry and AIH today. don't worry if you get a little paint in the cab as long as its not on the glass. and especily if its on the floor because I'm Herculining it when I get it back. Have you figured out away you are going to install the seats?
Looks good man! If you want a sweet rollbar padding kit check out some of the kits from the race car suppliers like these guys: . Are you going to run any supports to the frame? Those Rockhard 4x4 cages do a good job with that on the jeeps...they just cut another piece of tube and weld a plate to each side bolts to the frame, the other goes to the floor mount and sandwiches the tub. Good work! :allrighty:
Cool well they you go just get some of that stuff. I thought about going to the frame with the cage, but don’t think it really needs it in this. The cab is so small and the rear hoop mount is tied to the frame thought the body mounts to start with and the front pillar bad sits right above a body support. I think it will be more the fine and I would have to build new fame support bars since I could not continue down from the ends of the existing bars. Besides with the body lift and the IFS front the body and frame on this flex apart from each other a lot. Tying the cage to the frame could cause body cracks after a short wile.
looks real nice eric . cant wait to see in a couple weeks ! ..
The war goes on. I got a good amount done so far. Mocked everything up and notched. I started taking things in place. I tacked the center bar to the pillar spreader bar, pulled the two out together and fully weld them up. Painted all but the ends and reinstalled it. Tacked and started welding it up. It is a sad reality that I can not weld some of the joints up 360*. I will do my best and 1" tube gussets at every spot I am unable to get completely around. Still have a bunch of welding to do. Here are a few photos of the top of the cage so far.
The cage is all welded up with the exception of the 1" gussets. I was able to weld more then I thought I would. All but maybe 2-3 ¼" spots at the very top of a few bars. Not too bad. Justin stooped by and seemed to like it. That’s always a good sign. I have to thank him for bring me this, not only do I need the money but also it’s a way cool thing to build. I have the 1"gussets cut and I just need to notch and weld them up. No new photos as it doesn’t look much different then the last shots.
this looked cool in person. IMO, I would keep the stock seats as the harness seats push the seat backs too far in the upright position or the alternative of having the seat butt up too far forward to have the back reclined properly. Although, Justin is about 6 ft whereas I am around 6'4" so the difference may not be much for him to adjust to.
Justin this is good point. I think you should bring over the stock driver’s seat. Do you still have them? Put it in and see how it feels, then put the other seat in and see witch one will work better. We can make it fit but it might be best to retain the stock ones.
The original one is a bench seat. Thats why I wanted to go bucket. but if you think it would be better then I'll bring you the bench seat. when do you wont me to bring it over. I'm free tonight or after 430 tomarrow.
It’s total up to you witch one to use, but I don’t want you to waste the money putting them in and not like how it feels. We can do either one. I’ll get with you when I know how my week is going to go.
right on:punk: the roll cage padding is on the way. tcracecars hooken me up. thanks for the insight TRAILTOYZ.
hey Eric I was thinking I really don't want to take the comfort away for the truck so I think I'm going to try and take the buckets back to schucks. or try to sell them.
Sounds good to me. Sorry I opened the other box now.
thats cool. don't worry about it. when can I bring the bench seat over?
Looks like thurs or friday this week will be good.
cool. thanks again man see you then

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