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GUSSETS- would have helped
my welds held up, but the steel around it did not.
Should have used gussets when I had the chance, I got lazy and side tracked.. and had to really pull on it. I found the weak link!
The temps were in the high 30's today, and someone was coming up from tok to grab this ford parts truck I had up for sale. I had to get it up the driveway that had not been plowed and I did not have chains for 42 inch iroks. so... I pulled it up the hill one tug at a time.

The bumper ripped completely off my truck. My welds held up, but the steel around it completely RIPPED itself off. I am not to mad .. just astounded as I have never seen something like this. should have used gussets!! I will rebuild it better this summer Smile or box it the rear frame in. I kinda like having the wrap around tube bumper though. I will be adding in some D rings, gussets, and new paint in the future.

[Image: 0328121316.jpg]
[Image: 0328121327.jpg]
[Image: 0328121343.jpg]
[Image: 0328124431.jpg]
[Image: 0328124436.jpg]
[Image: 0328124737.jpg]
[Image: 0328133736.jpg][COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]oh, and my feet got wet.
Reinforcing that would be on my priority list. Not the thickest metal.
For a heavy rig that bumper looks a little thin.
Gussets only work if the metal is thick enough for the application.
Why didn't you strap using the receiver hitch?
i did. after the bumper ripped off Tongue
This is why we don't like to pull on bumpers very much.

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