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shackle angle?
I was browsing craigslist (no surprise)
and found this

I noticed the shackle angle on the front axle. can the shackle be forward or backward?
[Image: 5L95I75K23Ma3Ia3Hec3fc0ec7a39d2291974.jpg]
The angle does seem wrong at first. But it depends on what he built it for. With it angled forward it will invert and mess around with upward travel but will work.
Isn't that a parts truck? I think the truck is missing the engine and transmission so it's light and missing the front clip. Without the weight, I think the springs are fully arched and the shackle is forward. With weight, I think it would go back to normal.
It is a parts truck. He wants $3500 for the axles. Problem I see is that if without the weight the shackle inverted then if you flexed out too much they would do the same.
with the shackle swinging in that direction, I would be fearful of the driveline pushing into the direction of the pinion. .. i think

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