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Trouble logging in
Anyone having issues? I can't log in from work. It say thanks go logging in then just takes me back to the login screen. I can access via tapatalk for iPhone though.
m logged in now on my computer... hehe... but i have to get back to studies :yes:
It must be that computer or network. I can log in fine from my actual work computer. But I was wanting to upload some pics and can't from my gov't computer. I guess I'll try again at home.
i have the opposite issue i can log in on my phone .. wont accept my login or password
Are you using the app or safari? I never use safari on my phone. It never works right for any forum I visit.
i have the app but wont accept my login says sorry name already exists lol
Wayne your alter-ego " Coon +++++ Obama lover " is logging in for you.:whistle:

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