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axle housing to fairbanks from anchorage area
needing help with a housing transport from anchorage to fairbanks.
Item: dana 60 housing- gutted.
I should be heading to Anchorage at the end of Feb beginning of March. Not sure if your willing to wait that long but that's when I will be headed down there.
the guy with the housing is headed up to the slope on thursday and wont be back until the 23rd. do you have a specific date when you are headed down? or is it just whenever?
I probably won't head down until the 2nd of March. Let me know if I need to pick that bad boy up.
will do. thanks!
oh, i need this to be picked up btw
Big Grin your number has not changed has it?
still looking for someone to help grab this one up. The seller had to go out of town to work and wont be back till the 9th of march. Thanks for trying to help out tim.
I am heading down tonight. Give me a call later and I can pick it up for you. If anyone needs anything else let me know. I will be going down with a car trailer if there is any big items to pick up.
thanks brandon, but the guy wont be back home until the 9th of march. how long are you staying down there buddy?
Change of plans. The trans on my ford messed up so I am looking for parts to fix it. I will be heading down some time in the future and I will let you know pete
I got a c6 for sale! dunno if it works or not Sad[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]but thanks for the offer. Didnt you just fix the trans in the ford?!
I did so TS on it and thought I did but the problem came back.

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