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Jetta Oil cooler
Ok so it's not 4x4 but looking for advice/help.

I can't get the darn thing off. All bolts are removed, finally. It twists side to side but will not come off the block. Anybody ever dealt with these? Know some trick to it? Got access to a manual that tells you how? I'm about to blow it up.
Whats wrong with the cooler?

you have to remove the cooling fans, the shroud for the air inlet, acouple of brakets on each side of the oil filter housing, the oil filter and a couple of wire harnesses need to be loosened. now you have enough room to remove the oil filter housing. the oil cooler is attached to the oil filter housing but there is no need to remove it. there is a total of 5 bolts that hold the housing inplace. you will need an inspection mirror to locate the top 2 bolts and 1side bolt there is a center bolt that you wont be able to see so you will have to feel for it.its next to the oil cooler pressure swicth wich also has to be disconnected. when you pull the filter housing out be careful because you will loose a bit of coolant. there is no need to pull the housing completly off just turn it to one side and replce the o rings. you will also need a 12 point tripple square wrench set to remove the bolts. 8mm for the the bracket s and 10mm for removing the 5 bolts.

Does that help at all?
No. No need to actually remove all thy stuff. The whole filter housing and cooler needs to come off the block. Coolant is pouring out the back. Not leaking oil. All bolts are off. It just won't come off the block. I'm lost. Maybe going to try to rob at Fairbanks imports and ask him.
Here is a video of what's going on with it. The water starts leaking within 2 seconds of pouring water into the tank.

Now to clarify taking the whole front end off the car would have made removing the intake easier and this easier but would have taken way to much work and time.

I also posted on the VWvortex forums asking the 2.5L gurus the same thing and haven't heard anything from them.
if you can get in touch with brondon on facebook. he seems to be the VW guru lately.
I've talked to him.

I'm almost to the point of telling the owner I'm done. Putting it back together and towing it to a shop.

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