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AK trails
Email from AK Trails

Quote:Hi Folks,

The December edition of the Alaska Trails newsletter will be coming out in just under a month. Alaska Trails is interested in any news items or stories about trails in your area or statewide. We are also interested in links to information on the Internet about trails. Please send all items of interest to newsletter editor Eric Troyer ( by November 25. Try to keep stories limited to 250 words. All submissions may be edited for clarity and brevity (but we strive to be kind). Photos and other graphics are also appreciated. If possible please send them in JPEG format.

Don't think that what happens in your area is not interesting to other trail advocates in the state. Your projects and ideas may give ideas and inspiration to others. Sharing information is vital to a healthy trails community.
Geoffrey Orth, Board President
Alaska Trails
P.O. Box 140264
Anchorage, AK 99514-0264
Anch: 907.334-8049 Fbks: 907.479.0014

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