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4th AOAA Meeting
Next AOAA meeting will be on November 14th, (second Monday of the month), at 6:30 pm. Current venue is undecided, the UAF Woodcenter has not gotten back to me as of yet despite many calls, and so if you have suggestions on a place to host it, please don't hesitate to speak up. Thanks.
Meeting at lavelle's again tomorrow night 6:30. Informal. Just keeping contact going and issues being talked about... Talked to Craig about using his showroom but it didn't work out. Next month's meeting will be at the UAF Woodcenter.
Wish I could make it. Just got too much going on this week. Whoever goes take notes.
Cold weather gelled fuel in five trailers, I will try to make it.
Didn't make it guys. Duty called.
Wonder if anyone did? Maybe Dezi can post some notes.
Good meeting. Drinks and good conversation about issues in the area. Few people showed up. I'm anticipating next month's meeting to be bigger. Getting all user groups involved!

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