Poll: What type of Cell do you use/want?
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One of dem der intelligent phones
7 87.50%
wun I can talk to cousin bob on
0 0%
I like the ones you can talk and do that typing stuff on
1 12.50%
Cell? You mean 5X5 concrete with bars?
0 0%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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Homepage Poll: What Kind of Cell do you use/want?
Let's hear it. I'm not talking brand specific or carriers. Just the type. And why?[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]i have a smart phone, well that's what they call it anyways. I didn't want one, I was one of those that just needed one to talk on. Heck I've onlyhad a cell phone for barely over 2 years now. But my mom bought me one for my birthday a year ago or so. At first I was reluctant to use it much as talking and some texting was just fine for me. But after havinng it for over a year it has taken over. I love it. All the cool games and apps I have and can have are just cool.

If I had to go back to a regular one I could but would not be happy about it.

When did we get to this point?
I've gotten spoiled by a smartphone. I had a Blackberry, and it was an older one, but worked fine. I now have an Iphone, wanted a Atrix/Droid, but contact costs killed me.

I like to talk and text. Having navigation when your area expert gets stumped is nice as well.

Negatives, short battery life. One of my old phones could go almost a week between charges and I dropped and beat that thing till the keys were no longer legible.

I'd miss it if I had to give it up. But that happens anytime I visit the folks. There are no bars in their part of Minnesota, even though every carrier swears they cover it, they don't. Two weeks of that and I'm nearly cured from needing it, but once I get back to where it works, I'm on it again.
I could tell Mel wrote up the poll options before I scrolled down!
Big Grin[COLOR="Silver"]

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[/COLOR]oh, and I like the simple talk type. mine has a text option (my leash) on it to keep my lady happy Tongue
Its also got a camera on it for build up pics and wheeling pics Smile Ive been missing out on the second one this year completely. oof.
I would like a smart phone but i need one that can have the crap beat out of it and still work. My Rugby sat in a bucket of hot coolant for an hour before i found it.
I have an Android... that's wat "my company" uses. Didn't want the smart phone, but they finally made the price decent enough.

Smart phones can make you feel really dumb!

However, after getting used to it a bit I like several options, and it is nice to have more tha "just a phone"

The "Swipe" technology for texting has made texting enjoyable.

Also, so far mine has taken quite a beating and survived... of course I have one of the Otter Box cases.
LOVE my iPHone!! Miss my Blackberry. Smart all the way! I have too much to do to not be connected to the world. And I don't have to feel like I have to sit at home and wait for someone to get on their chat just to be able to say Hi! :oops:
Plus having my playlist right there on my phone is Great! :whistle: You always have to have a theme song handy for when you do the Epic stunts (or not so epic flops)! :tease:

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