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93 Toyota pickup
I got a 93' yota for a daily drive/light expedition type rig. 22RE,5 speed, single cab.

I am going to build a expedition type rig out of this. i am still going to stick by my light is better for a wheeling rig on this.
First off i removed alot of whatabe getto decals from it ( it is gettting lighter already)Smile replaced the 2lb billet shift knob and
removed $27.56 in change from the cab.

What was wrong with the billet shift knob? Oh, I missed where you were trying to cut down on weight.
Pulling all the decals off, there was alot of them!
It is fast now i put on a Hurst shifter knob.
Replaced right side upper ball joint and idler arm this weekend. Will replace the rest later and maybe a locker for the rear too.
Got the Bud built t-case skid for Christmas i have to install this spring.

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