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Can't post pictures.
I get an internal server error.
Strange, did anyone mess with anything? Crazy how things just start to brake around here. Not sure what the issue is but I will look into it. Please let me know if anyone might have messed with files or anything.
No I haven't touched a thing. What had been happening is the error pops up. But the picture still uploads. It has happened to me a couple times. It's annoying but photos uploaded so...
It won't let Ctrl "click" on for more than one picture. It will do one picture sometimes sometimes not.
ok guys, I will look into it later today. What I did do is upgrade the forums again.... almost all files were changed and templates. Let me know if you find any errors. I should be able to track down the upload issue today or tomorrow night.

Update: I fixed the issue for posting attaching images to a post. Please let me know if the gallery has issues
Well some have an issue. Seems some get a page not found and a popup from host gator. I haven't got that or errors yet. But all my pics get out of order when I upload them.
sounds like compatibility issues with that flash uploader for the gallery... is that where it is happening? I test and have no issues at the moment.
Kevin will have to verify. I use the flash uploader and the only issue is the order they load in. But that's not a big deal.
Doesn't matter which uploader I use, once it processes it sends me to this page:

Although, the pictures do upload, I have to close my browser and reload AOs sight.
Now I get the error Kevin got. I was using the flash uploader before and didn't NOw it uses the old way and I get the error. But the pics do upload.
Arin this issue is back. After uploading pictures it goes to the process files page. After clicking process I get a 404 error. I go back to the gallery and the pics are there though. I know you are working on issue so just letting you know. Again thanks for all your hard work on keeping us going. We really appreciate it..

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